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Canterbury Voice Release-Wired-Trap (Five Mics)
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Part No: CVS-Wired-Trap-5
Price: $1,570.00
Number of Microphones:  5
Wired or Wireless?: Wired
? 12 V relay box to a 120 V Power Source
? This unit features 5 microphones linked by cables to an electronics control box and from there to the trap and the scorer's trigger unit.
? The electronics incorporate a 1/6th sec delay from the shooter's call to activation of the trap. This directly mimics the button operation of a human puller.
? The remote trigger unit for the scorer/referee has an 'on/off' switch and a push button for testing the trap release. It also features a light which blinks off when the trap is activated - this allows a visual check of the trap from the scorers position without walking forward of the shooting line.
? The electronics filter out most background noises through its unique design and allows the unit to be set up on any field without 'tuning' microphones.
? All types of calls are recognized although an occasional shooter may experience non release of the target if they have a peculiar or sharp call - this can be overcome with minimal effort on the shooters part and any typical