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Canterbury-Wired-5 Stand Kit
Canterbury-Wired-5 Stand Kit Quantity in Basket: None
Part No: CVS-Wired-5 Stand
Price: $2,650.00
Number of Microphones:  5
Wired or Wireless?: Wired
? 12 V relay box to a 120 V Power Source
? This unit allows a full interface with up to 10 sporting traps by either cable or wireless so that a full 5-Stand/Compact Sporting complex can be operated over voice release automatically.
? The microphones are engaged sequentially so that any talk on the line away from the current shooter will NOT release targets.
? All target options (single simultaneous pair report pair and following/rafale pair) are catered for and the simple design of this unit allows a new program to be entered in less than 30 seconds.
? 5 different flurry options are provided.
? FITASC shooting ( 0 - 3 sec random target release) can be provided at the touch of a button.