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Used and Rebuilt Machines
GMV (Used and Rebuilt) Remington (Used and Rebuilt) Winchester (Used and Rebuilt)
Used and Rebuilt Machine Inventory is Constantly Changing.  QRP will try to keep the inventory updated, but if you have a specific question about the availability of a machine, just use the Contact us page to receive professional help.

New Inventory of Rebuilt Machines as of May 2013

Beomat Skeet
400 target capacity each machine
starting at $3,600/pair

Beomat Trap
400 target capacity
starting at $3,000

GMV ATM Singles/Doubles Trap
560 target capacity
starting at $4,800

GMV Singles Trap
Model 274
400 target capacity
starting at $3,000

GMV Wobble Trap
Model 296
400 target capacity
starting at $3,400

Remington 4100 trap
156 target capacity
starting at $2,800

Release cords included with each skeet set and traps
Our inventory of refurbished machines is continually changing.
Call for the latest information.